TRICOFIT F.U.S.S.® step by step

After the preparation of the donor area of the patient (neck and sides), a skin and hair sample is extracted, from which the follicular units are subsequently obtained. This skin fragment will have a variable size depending on the degree of alopecia of each patient.
Subsequently, the suture is carried out using a trichophytic suture, used in aesthetics so that the result is a linear scar through which hairs grow.

This suture is “hidden” under the patient's own hair since for this procedure it is not necessary to shave the donor area.
The follicular units are sectioned one by one under a microscope and stored in a suitable medium of cold and humidity to preserve all the properties of each follicular unit until the moment of implantation, ensuring the survival of 98-99% of the follicular units removed.

Simultaneously, the specialist doctor prepares the donor area of the patient. The design to be performed is established with the patient and under the local anesthesia the incisions are made with the proper direction that the hair will take, essential for the good result of the procedure.
The follicular units can be formed by a hair or by groups of up to 4 hairs. The units of 1 and 2 hairs are used for the first line and entrances and those of 3 and 4 hairs, are used to give density and volume. This way, we achieve a totally completely result.

Post Care

Once the procedure is done, the patient returns to his home, as it is an outpatient treatment. The care you should take in the following days includes adequate hygiene of both the transplanted area and the donor area.
The day after the procedure, the first wash is performed at the clinic, so the patient will know how to do it later at home. In the case that you had to travel, you may do so from that same day forward.

The patient can resume his usual tasks the day after the intervention. You cannot exercise or sunbathe or take UVA directly on the transplanted grafts for as long as the specialist indicates. After 10 to 15 days, the suture is removed.

Capillary mega Sessions

Thanks to the incorporation of equipment imported from the USA and Europe and the increase in specialists per session, Medical Hair is today the only hair recovery center capable of performing Capillary Microimplant Mega sessions, that is to say, that in less time, they are able to transplant more hairs. This innovative Capillary Microimplant technique is a pioneer in our country and places Medical Hair at the height of the best hair recovery centers in the world.


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