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Know everything about baldness

“Contrary to popular belief, hair loss is NOT caused by stress, dandruff, seborrhea, poor diet or lack of irrigation.”

Dr. Néstor Ricardo Spagnuolo.
Medical Director and Founder.

The true cause of baldness in more than 95% of cases is due to the so-called Androgenetic Alopecia, a set of hormonal and hereditary factors. This type of baldness has the peculiarity that it affects only the front and upper part of the head, leaving the posterior and lateral areas undamaged.

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Capillary Microtransplant.

Alopecia is one of the diseases that affect 75% of men and 35% of women at some point in their life. When this baldness is androgenetic or is a type of alopecia that makes follicular units disappear without the possibility of generating new hair (such as scarring alopecia), the only treatment that will make you recover the lost hair is the hair implant.
It is a procedure that evolved over the years and is currently a safe intervention and with which aesthetic results are completely satisfactory.
The hair graft consists of extracting the follicular units from the areas genetically programmed so as not to lose hair or “donor zones”, which are the nape and lateral of the head, to later transplant them into the lacking areas or “receiving areas”, that is, where Alopecia is suffered.
Thanks to the precise work of the team of highly trained professionals of Medical Hair and the help of state-of-the-art instruments and equipment, the hair roots are divided into small segments until reaching follicular units between one and five hairs. These are implanted in the unpopulated areas.

Hair Implant treatment is performed in sessions, depending on the degree of alopecia of the patient. Medical Hair is a specialist in the realization of Capillary Mega-Sessions, which is to say that in less time they are able to transplant more hair. Medical Hair has been exclusively dedicated to hair microimplants for more than 20 years, being one of the best hair recovery centers in the world. The results begin to be observed progressively from the third month but the final result will be at twelve months. In the case of having to make a new session, it can be done from nine to twelve months after the first session and always under medical criteria.

Being the patient's own hair there is no possibility of rejection and the growth rate is normal (1 cm. Per month). After hair implant treatment, no special care is required; the hair can be combed, cut, left the desired length and even dyed. And best of all, the results are for life.

- Men or women with androgenetic alopecia.
- Women and men who want to reinforce or change the first line of hair.
- People with scarring alopecia.
- Patients with post-surgery alopecia, for instance, after lifting procedures.
- People who want to restore their eyebrows and beards.
- People who need post-radiotherapy, post-chemotherapy treatments.

Advantages of the Hair Microimplant procedure:
- The patient is their own donor.
- The implanted hair stays for life.
- Completely natural results.
- Only scientifically proven technique.

Natural Hair Line

The Natural Hair Line technique, exclusive to Medical Hair, is the meeting point between medicine and art. The objective of this technique is to ensure that the first line of hair follows the characteristic and particular build of each patient, achieving a natural result, absolutely imperceptible to the inexperienced eye. To achieve this perfect result we have a staff of surgeons and dermatologists with an advanced artistic and aesthetic criteria, who permanently improve their technique through specialized training, attending each annual European and International congress.

Tricoforce® anti-fall medical treatment

It is essential to explain what anti-fall treatments we offer in order to improve the health of the hair and avoid, as far as possible, its fall.

The hair loss treatment should be started when a lack of density, volume or thinning of the hair begins to be noticed. The specialist will determine what type of treatment, dose, frequency, and duration is most appropriate.

- If you take medications that weaken your hair. - If you are in a time of greater intellectual or physical effort, depression, poor diet. - Or it can be done as a combined treatment, one month after performing the hair graft, to keep the rest of the hair and increase its density and thickness.

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The “FUE” (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is another variant of the Hair Implant. It differs from the FUSS technique in the way of extracting the follicular unit, as it is extracted one by one directly from the scalp. This technique was used for specific alopecia such as scarring, eyebrows, beard, or to give more density in unpopulated areas, that is, where few follicular units are needed. Currently, thanks to technological advances, it is carried out in larger procedures.

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Method of extracting a slice of skin and hair from the back and side of the head, not affected by androgenetic alopecia. This will be fragmented into follicular units of 1, 2 and 3 hairs. These follicles are microimplanted into the depopulated area or recipient area. The treatment is performed in a single session of 5 to 6 hours painlessly and with local anesthesia.

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