Medical Hair Robotic®: The latest worldwide innovation

  • High-density speed and precision.
  • Intelligent algorithms.
  • Resistant implants.
  • Online supervision from the USA.
  • Result simulation software.
  • Version 9X technology.

ARTAS Hair Studio

One of the most common questions of patients is “What will I look like after the Microtransplant?” Until today, you could only imagine the result or see cases similar to yours. But from now on the doctor can use ARTAS Hair Studio TM technology to create a 3D simulation based on your own photos. You can also see the optimal number of grafts and the design of the first line of hair that suits your needs. Together with the doctor, you can find the exact result for your particular baldness case.

How does it work?

The doctor takes pictures of your face, front and side. Then, they perform a 3D modeling of your entire head and manually add the exact amount of hair according to your degree of baldness, facial structure, age and even the result you are looking for.

Recover your hair, regain your confidence