Follicular unit Micro transplant

FUE technique

Medical Hair has enhanced and automated the FUE technique (Follicular Unit Extraction). This is an extraction method that is performed on patients who require a specific treatment, such as regaining hair density, reconstructing eyebrows, camouflaging scars, etc.

During this procedure individual follicular units are directly and carefully extracted from the scalp and then transplanted into the patient’s balding areas.

In order to achieve perfect results Medical Hair uses state of the art equipment , recently imported from the USA, and counts on staff who is specially trained on this technique and has a high aesthetic criterion to reproduce a very natural looking hairline.

FUE Technique 3D animation

“Power SAFE System”Power SAFE System, brought into the country by Medical Hair, is a new follicular unit extraction system that enables us to perform the “FUE” technique.

Medical Hair Robotic

Medical Hair Robotic by Artas is the most surprising technological development in the history of Hair health and you can get it in our country, exclusively at Medical Hair.

This procedure does not leave any visible scar, its speed and precision have widely improved previous parameters, it increases hair thickness in a shorter time, uses intelligent algorithms to detect the characteristics and quality of all hair to be transplanted, and it is able to extract more durable follicular units. Besides, all the procedure is remotely supervised directly from the United States of America. It also counts on an exclusive software system to preview results: the Artas Hair Studio. This simulator uses pictures of your own face to show in 3D images how your hair will look like once the transplant is performed. Click here to see more information

FUSS Technique

This technique has shaken up the hair health world as it is the only definite solution for baldness that is scientifically proven.

Micro hair transplant is performed follicle by follicle with the patient´s own donor hair by taking it from densely populated areas or “donor areas” (lateral and back areas of the scalp) to be transplanted to poor density areas or “receptive areas” (upper and front region of the scalp and crown).

Thanks to the precision of our team of highly trained professionals and state of the art surgical instruments and equipments used to perform the surgery ( magnifying glasses and microscopes , among others) ,hair bulbs are fractionated into small segments to achieve follicular units from one, two and three hairs which are micro implanted in poor density areas.

Hair transplant is performed in only one session. If more than one session is necessary, the patient will have to wait 2 or 3 months approximately to get the next one. Results are observed during the sixth week and the twenty- sixth week.

As hair micro-transplant is performed by using the patient`s own donor hair, there is no possibility of rejection and besides, hair grows at a normal speed (1 cm per month). After the treatment, no special care is required; your may let your hair grow, you may comb, cut or even dye it. And what is even better, results are for a lifetime.

3D -Micro-Transplant.

Bigger number of specialists per session and state of the art technology.

Natural HairLine

Medical Hair`s distinguishing feature


Medical Hair’s exclusive hair line technique is where medicine and art get together. The primary goal of this technique is to re-create the front hairline following each patient’s characteristic and unique pattern, thus achieving a natural result besides being imperceptible for amateur eyes.To obtain such perfect results we count on a team of surgeons with an excellent artistic and aesthetic criterion, who are permanently enhancing their techniques by specialized training.

Hair Mega Sessions

Medical Hair`s distinguishing feature

Megasesiones Capilares

Thanks to new equipment imported from the United States and Europe and to a bigger number of specialists involved per session, Medical Hair is the one and only hair recovery center that is able to offer Hair Micro-transplant Mega Sessions at present. This implies that more hair follicles are possible to be transplanted in less time. Up to 4000 follicular units; each of them may have between 1 and 5 hairs. Medical Hair is a pioneering hair recovery center in Argentina as regards this innovative technique, and has drawn level with the best hair recovery centers of the world.

Tricofit Micro-Transplant

TRICOFIT® is Medical Hair`s innovative and exclusive procedure which has been developed during the last years combining multiple hair recovery techniques. This procedure allows more hair follicles to be implanted in less time , avoids visible scars on the scalp and makes it possible to obtain perfect results suiting each patient`s face structure and features taking into account age and gender. TRICOFIT ® is composed of the Greek prefix trichós, which means hair and the word FIT that is associated to health and beauty concepts and full adaption to the patient`s facial features.
TRICOFIT® is much more than a new surgical technique; it is the perfect combination of art, science and health.

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TRICOFIT® `s Exclusive Benefits

  • Combines all Medical Hair`s exclusive hair recovery techniques
  • Implants more hair follicles in less time.
  • Suits each patient`s facial features
  • Leaves no visible scars on the scalp.

Hair Micro-Transplant as another key surgical component+