Frequently asked questions about baldness

1Why doesn’t implanted hair fall out?

Implanted hair will never fall out because it is not affected by androgenetic alopecia (hormonal and hereditary cause of baldness). Hair Microtransplant is performed by taking this hair from the donor area of the patient himself (lateral and back areas and of the scalp) and it is then transplanted follicle by follicle into poor density areas.

2Does transplanted hair look completely natural?

Yes it does. As the treatment is performed with the patient’s own hair the result is natural and undetectable. Besides Medical hair uses an exclusive technique called “Natural Hair Line” which recreates the patient’s frontal hairline exactly.

3Is it an expensive treatment? Are there any payment options?

Contrary to what many people think, the treatment is mostly affordable to everyone. Besides Medical Hair offers payment plans tailored to each patient.

4Is the hair Microtransplant procedure painful?

No it is not, because it is performed under local anesthesia. During the procedure the patient is awake in a comfortable and relaxed position; reading, listening to music or watching TV.

5Why is hair Microtransplant the best solution?

Because hair Microtransplant is performed by using your own hair,  it only takes a 3 to 4- hour session and results last a lifetime. In addition this treatment is affordable to everybody.

6How long does the Hair Microtransplant procedure take?

It is performed in a 3 to 4-hour session depending on each case.

7What is the difference between Medical Hair and other centers specialized in Microtransplants?

Our biggest difference is our personalized assistance. Each patient arriving at Medical Hair is met by the very doctor who will perform his treatment and will not be referred to other specialist.  This makes the patient feel comfortable, confident and safe thus achieving much more successful results.

8When can I get back to normal life after the hair Microtransplant procedure?

You can get back to your regular activities the day after the procedure. We recommend avoiding strenuous physical exercises during approximately two weeks.

9What shall I do if I live far from one of Medical Hair’s offices?

For those who live far from one of our centers we offer our exclusive photo diagnosis system. Send us, by e-mail or post mail, pictures of your head seen from frontal position, both profiles and crown.  One of our specialist physicians will receive them and carefully analyze them.  Afterwards, he will contact you to let you know your degree of androgenetic alopecia, the kind of treatment that best suits you and to give you an estimated cost.

10What is the next step?

Getting your hair back for a lifetime is closer than you have ever thought. Get in touch with us by phone, online chat, e-mail or come to one of our offices. Stop hesitating; we have the solution you need.